Asthma is a recurring health condition that affects your body’s ability to breathe freely. Asthma affects the bronchial tubes, which are the passage ways through which air passes in and out of your lungs. These tubes become inflamed and as a result you experience a reduction in your breathing capacity. Asthma can range from a mild wheezing when breathing to a full on asthma attack.

An asthma attack can be an extremely serious emergency.

 The following physiological changes occur:

1. The muscles that surround the bronchial tubes constrict;

2. The cells that line the tubes produce more mucous;

3.The inflammation in the walls of the tubes increases.

All these changes result in a minor or major reduction in air flow to your lungs. An Asthma attack is typically known to occur when you experience rapid change in your symptoms. There is no defined list of triggers that bring on an Asthma attack. The most common triggers are pollen, smoke, or dust.

Asthma can start and stop at any point in your life. It is seen a lot in childhood and research shows that it is increasing in populations that have higher air pollutants. If you are concerned that you have asthma symptoms, you should see a doctor to develop an appropriate treatment plan and learn how to avoid potential asthma triggers.

An appropriate treatment for addressing the musculoskeletal aspect of Asthma is massage therapy .

One of our registered massage therapists will assess and treat the muscles of inspiration and expiration. Improving the flexibility and contractile efficiency of these muscles can improve the Asthma patient’s lung capacity.

One of our RMT’s will also provide you with a homecare program so you can live a better life with Asthma.

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