TMJ syndrome is a blanket term for pain and dysfunction at the Temporomandibular Joints (your jaw joints). Symptoms range from grinding or clenching of teeth to simple clicking with or without pain and can even include headaches, neck tension and poor posture. At its worst your jaw literally locks closed.

At Everest Therapeutics all our RMTs have clinical training in assessing and treating TMJ dysfunction. Brad has enhanced his skills with continuing education courses and working with local Dentists over the past 10 years. We can confidently attest to having significantly improved many clients with TMJ syndrome.

Massage Therapy for TMJ Syndrome is an essential part of reducing the pain and improving the function of a problematic temporomandibular joint. In fact, the majority of the pain in these patients is a result of an imbalance in the surrounding myo-fascial (muscle and connective tissue) structures. The muscles are attempting to protect the jaw joint and reposition the jaw to avoid pain. However, because this is a constant activity, the muscle’s work never ends and the muscles begin to have problems. At first the healthy muscle goes into spasm while holding the jaw in a protected position. The muscle then becomes inflamed and tightens. This creates a strain on the TMJ and more pain which results in further spasm and so on.

Massage Therapy for the TMJ complex can help a muscle that has overly tightened. A tight muscle squeezes the arteries and veins going into and out of the muscles. Blood can not get into a tight muscle so there is a build up of waste products inside the muscle. This causes more pain and more tightening. This cycle keeps repeating itself until you seek help.

Massage Therapy for the TMJ complex releases the muscles and allows nourishing blood to get into the painful tissues. This allows the healing process to begin. At this point the therapist is able to look at muscle imbalances in the jaw and surrounding tissues. Once the pain is under control the therapist will treat the underlying cause of the condition.

A good home care program and regular massage therapy can prevent TMJ from returning.

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