About Everest Therapeutics

Everest Therapeutics Inc., is the collaboration of two of Vancouver’s leading Massage Therapists:

Brad Dow BA, RMT and Mark Bentz RMT

In 2001, Mark Bentz and Brad Dow decided to combine their experience and skills to open a practise that would offer progressive soft tissue rehabilitation and pain management treatments in a more personal setting. Thus Everest Therapeutics was born. Since their humble beginnings, the practise has expanded to 25+ highly skilled and specialized registered massage therapists who set their own hours and rates and are able to run their own practise out of the clinic. It is Mark and Brad’s goal to help clients gain access to these experts, and to offer the therapists flexibility so as to serve and help clients who have varying schedules.

Several years ago, Everest Therapeutics joined the city’s largest multidisciplinary clinic, the Electra Health Floor, where 50+ multidisciplinary practitioners work side by side.


All of our practitioners are Registered Massage Therapists who graduated from an accredited massage therapy college. Many have advanced training in lymphatic drainage, sports, and deep tissue massage as well as other treatments. Because all our therapists are passionate about their field of practice, they enjoy postgraduate continuing education and often exceed the minimum level of credits required by their regulatory board.

Why Everest Therapeutics?

  • Experienced, highly skilled therapists provide personal care in a tranquil, healing environment.
  • We offer the best in modern, progressive soft tissue care.
  • Practitioners come from a diverse background, having worked as Olympic Therapist with professional athletes; assisting Cirque de Soleil performers; teaching future massage therapists; leading research studies.
  • Our therapists have been featured on TV, the radio, in newspapers and online.
  • We’re open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.
  • Our clinic is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.
  • We provide state of the art heated electric tables.
  • Same day appointments are often available

We look forward to seeing you at the clinic

Brad Dow RMTBrad Dow
Bart Prinsen RMTBart Prinsen
Osteopathy (current study)
Erika McKaeff RMTErika McKaeff
Tanya Bayda RMTTanya Bayda
Igor Tatarnikov RMTIgor Tatarnikov
RMT MD (Russia)
Tresha Ramsahai RMTTresha Ramsahai
RMT & Osteopathic Practitioner