Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

mld2Manual lymphatic drainage, also known as MLD, is a highly specialized treatment used to encourage the flow of lymph – the fluid that circulates throughout the lymphatic system – from and through the lymphatic system.

The impact of the lymphatic system on our health is so far reaching that many of our day to day minor aches and pains, and/or low energy and susceptibility to colds and flu may be due to a sluggish lymphatic system. There are countless ways in which lymphatic drainage massage therapy can help increase your health and well-being.

We recommend Irina Mackay for lymphatic drainage massage. Irina has Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy training at the Vodder School.

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What is MLD used for?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be used in many circumstances to increase overall well-being.  In a typical and healthy individual, this therapy can be used to improve immunity, relieve the pain and swelling of an injury, reduce stress by calming the nervous system and effectively aid skin healing due to the slow gentle stretching action of the lymphatic massage.  In other individuals, manual lymph drain massage can be used to treat the following more serious ailments:

  • Venous Oedema and leg ulcers
  • Burns or post surgical scars
  • Pre and post cosmetic surgery
  • Primary and secondary lymph oedema
  • Facial paralysis
  • Chronic headaches
  • Neuralgia
  • Tinnitus, sinusitis, rhinitis
  • Acne vulgaris, acne rosacea
  • Allergic and chronic eczema
  • Diseases of the digestive tract, including constipation, diverticulosis, colitis

*Please note that manual lymph drainage is contraindicated in case of active cancer, active infection, undiagnosed tumours or lumps, bleeding, congestive heart failure, kidney failure and blood clots. If you are unsure whether manual lymph drainage is indicated for your condition please contact the clinic for more information.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for Scar Tissue

MLD is an effective treatment for old scars where the tissue has become hard and fibrotic. MLD has the ability to liquefy the collagen in the scar tissue from its gelatinous state which creates greater ease in transporting it away from the area.

What types of scars can be improved with MLD?

It can be used on scar tissue from contusions, lacerations, skin ulcers, acne, radiation, keloids, and surgical incisions/procedures.

What are the results of MLD treated scar tissue?

  • Greater range of motion
  • Improved circulation
  • Topical scars will be less visible
  • The scar will be less or no longer palpable
  • Pain will decrease greatly or disappear
  • Overall increase in tissue health
  • Nerve sensory reception may return

Manual Lymph Drainage has tremendous results in scar tissue reduction. Patients are amazed that such a gentle modality can have such an incredible outcome.

MLD is also helpful in the acute stage of injury

mldIn the acute stage of an injury, there is a lot of swelling and inflammation of the affected area. This is usually from trauma to the tissue, such as contusions, lacerations, burns, blisters, ulcers, and surgical procedures. The inflammation and discoloration of the affected area is due to broken blood and lymph vessels. Fluid from these vessels spills out into the affected area and causes congestion which prevents the damaged tissue from receiving the nutrition it needs to heal. The more swelling that occurs, the longer it takes to heal.

How can MLD help in the acute stage of injury?

  • MLD is very gentle and helps with pain management.
  • It calms the sympathetic nervous system and encourages the parasympathetic nervous system to help the body enter into a regenerative mode.
  • It decongests the affected area by helping to drain the wastes, dead cells, and excess protein rich fluid and encouraging the flow of healthy lymph vessels towards the affected site. Thus, decreasing the swelling and clearing the area for repair.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage greatly accelerates healing by allowing nutrient rich fluid (blood) the opportunity to reach the area that needs to regenerate and repair.

What are results?

  • Accelerated healing
  • Less scar tissue build up
  • Pain is controlled or disappears
  • Healthier tissue
  • Normal coloration returning to skin

Is MLD applied over the affected area?

No. MLD is not applied directly over the wounded area. It is applied proximal (adjacent) to the affected area. It facilitates the surrounding healthy lymph vessels to pump with increased frequency and greater amplitude. The chain reaction of pumping will stimulate the lymph vessels located at the affected site to decongest the damaged tissue.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy at Everest Therapeutics

Lymphatic drainage massage is a great therapy that addresses the lymphatic and immune system function. When we have a strong immune system, we are happy, balanced and whole.

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