Acupressure derives from the words acupuncture and pressure to form acupressure. Using the knowledge base provided by acupuncture, the acupressure practitioner accesses meridian energy centers or the acupressure points on the body, to apply different pressure techniques to correct energy flow, blood circulation and muscle flexibility.

A meridian energy point for an organ may not be located around that organ. For example, some of the acupressure points that regulate the function of the bladder may be found in acupressure facial cavities. This is why, during an acupressure treatment, the practitioner works with the 99 identified acupressure points that cover the body from head to toe, while controlling the flow of energy, blood and oxygen to your bladder, conception vessel, gallbladder, governing vessel, heart, kidneys, large intestine, liver, lung, pericardium, small intestine, spleen, stomach and the triple warmer.

Acupressure is a gentle massage treatment that usually lasts for an hour. After a session, the patient will experience incredible relief from physical and emotional stress and a sense of health and well-being. More than one acupressure massage session will be needed to treat particular ailments, illnesses or chronic diseases.

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Benefits of Acupressure Massage 

Acupressure massage:

  • Relieves physical tension and emotional stress by increasing energy levels and relaxing mind and body
  • Increases blood circulation and oxygen content, thus strengthening the immune system
  • Helps organs, muscles and tissues cleanse themselves of toxic wastes, thus increasing your sense of well-being
  • Alleviates headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain
  • Helps  heal injuries, and is great for recovery programs
  • Decreases labor pains and the discomfort of pregnancy

Other Benefits: Acupressure points are used in Martial Arts disciplines to formulate both offensive and defensive strategies. Not only are acupressure points used to disable opponents, but those who practice Martial Arts stimulate these points in their daily exercise routine to eliminate any blockages, and to encourage natural flow of energy.

Though we use the acupressure point methods that were developed in China about five-thousand years ago, this is one of the few medical disciplines that may have been developed in both the East and the West around the same time. Otzi the Iceman the 5000 year old mummy who was found in an Alpine glacier also bore tattoos indicating knowledge and usage of acupressure points and meridian energy centers.

Reduction Plan for Health and Clarity
by Mark Bentz

Many things can cause blockages in the body along meridian lines. These blockages obstruct and disrupt the natural flow of energy, blood and oxygen in our bodies. Overtime, they can become chronic, causing various medical disorders.

Blockages could be caused by deposits of elements that are part of our daily lives such as sugar, caffeine, fast foods and tobacco. Therefore, reducing such potential harmful deposits in our bodies with simple thoughtfulness and care on a daily basis can dramatically improve our health.

If you use sugar, coffee and/or tea every day and it’s hard for you to give them up – though you’ve tried! – I invite you to consider this Reduction Plan to Health and Clarity: A Five-Week Routine to Health. This is a very gentle way to wean off some of the most addictive day to day poisons.

Week One:

Monday: Count and write down the number of cups of coffee and/or tea you consume, and the number of teaspoons of sugar you use on a regular daily basis.

Tuesday: Reduce all the quantities you normally use by a quarter. For example: if you normally use two teaspoons of sugar in your coffees/tea, use 1.5 on Tuesday and for the rest of the week if you typically drink two cups of coffee, reduce the amount and only drink a cup and a half.

Use this reduced amount for the rest of the week.Keep a journal and keep track of how you feel.

Week Two:

Monday: Again, reduce amounts by a quarter and follow for the week.

**Continue this same reduction process until the end of five weeks.
At the end of the five-week period, you may not even be using sugar anymore or you may be down to one coffee a day. Your body will have had the opportunity to gradually get used to less and less of the additive compound while not feeling the strong effects of withdrawal such as the headaches people often report when trying to quit drinking coffee. You can try this technique with virtually any dietary item you’ve been trying to wean yourself of off.


  • The reduction you aim for must be comfortable to you
  • Do not feel tempted to reduce amounts after Tuesdays; instead feel content with your decision for that week, go slow and steady
  • If you use white processed sugar, change to brown or fruit-based sugar such as the one made from sugarcane
  • Make it a habit to drink half a cup of coffee or tea and let the rest sit in the cup

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Vancouver Acupressure Massage Therapy

MZ1- 970 Burrard St. Vancouver
(mezzanine – Electra Building)
7 days a week 8 am to 8 pm
535 Hornby St. #400 Vancouver
(4th floor YWCA Building)
Weekdays 6 am to 10 pm